Marceline Disney Attractions

Walt Disney Hometown Museum

120 W Santa Fe
Visit the Walt Disney Hometown Museum to view our interpretive exhibits telling the Disney family story focusing on Walt’s childhood in Marceline. Our unique collection of family artifacts is found nowhere else in the world. Gift Shop on premises. Open April 1-Oct 31. Closed Mondays, admission charged.

Disney Farm

200 W. Broadway Street
You are welcome to visit the Disney farm but please be respectful as it is private property. The Disney home is not open to the public.  

The Dreaming Tree

Walt and Roy at The Dreaming TreeThough worn by time, the large cottonwood tree trunk still stands where Walt and his sister Ruth played. Daydreaming under its branches a young Walt would observe the whole of nature surrounding him. Calling these adventures “belly botany,” Walt drew from these memories for his Mickey Mouse and Silly Symphony cartoons. In 2004 Walt’s grandson planted a sapling grown from a seed from the Dreaming Tree close to the original. “Son of Dreaming Tree” grows proudly on the Disney Farm. Open daily sunrise to sunset. Closed for special events.

Walt's Barn

D23 gang at Walt's barnThe barn in Marceline was the setting for Walt’s first venture as a showman. He dressed some of his pets and farm animals in costumes and announced the “Disney Circus” to neighborhood  kids charging 10 cents for admission. His audience left unimpressed and Walt’s mother made him refund the admission fees. Walt learned a valuable lesson:  “Give the audience more than they expect and they’ll be happy customers.”

Walt’s barn came home again in 2001 during a 3 day old-fashioned barn raising. Guests from all over the world have left their message to Walt on the interior walls of the barn. Open daily sunrise to sunset. Closed for special events.

Disney Farm Arboretum

In 2002, a Disney Farm tradition began when Toonfest Headliners planted the arboretum’s first trees. Donated by American Forest Historic Tree Nursery, the trees come from historic properties all over the world and have a tie to Disney. For example, Walt was an admirer of Abraham Lincoln and there are trees from Lincoln’s property. Open daily sunrise to sunset. Closed for special events.

Walt Disney United States Post Office Building

120 E. Ritchie Street
Following Walt Disney’s death in 1966, the citizens of Marceline lobbied the US Postal Service to issue a commemorative stamp in his honor. The stamp was issued from Marceline, October 16, 1968. In 2003, the Marceline US Post Office building was renamed the Walt Disney Post Office Building, making it the only federal building named for Walt Disney.
Stop by the post office and have your letter hand cancelled with Marceline’s one-of-a-kind Disney cancellation.

Walt Disney Elementary School

420 E. California
In 1960 Walt Disney cancelled an around-the-world trip to attend the dedication of Walt Disney Elementary School. Speaking at the dedication, Walt commented, “You know I’m not a funny guy, I’m just a farm boy from Marceline who hides behind a duck and a mouse.”
Walt directed the Disney studios to produce a unique mural for the school interior. He also furnished a flag pole from the Squaw Valley Olympics and two special Disney flags.

Walt Disney Complex, Swimming Pool

700 S. Kansas
660.376.3528 (City Hall)
In 1956, the year after Disneyland opened, Walt and Roy Disney returned with their wives to Marceline to dedicate the Walt Disney swimming pool. The brothers relished the chance to visit old friends and relive memories. At the dedication, Walt told the children of Marceline: “My best memories are the years I spent here. You children are lucky to live here.” Open Memorial Day–Labor Day, admission charged.

Walt Disney Complex, Santa Fe Lake

700 S. Kansas
660.376.3528 (City Hall)
Built in 1912 as a private club, the lake is now owned by the city. The lake and grounds are open to the public and feature a picnic area, playground and fishing.