The Disney Collection

As the recipient of thousands of personal artifacts directly from Disney family members, museum visitors have much to see that’s never seen by the general public before.

  • Personal letters written between family members from the early 1900’s through the late 1960’s
  • Photographs of Walt & Roy during their visits to Marceline in the 1950’s and 1960’s
  • Mickey Mouse dolls and phonographic record Walt had produced for his parents’ 50th wedding anniversary
  • An actual Midget Autopia car, the entire ride was removed from Disneyland and donated by Walt & Roy O. Disney to the town of Marceline for use at the Walt Disney Park
  • Special movie footage of Walt & Roy in Marceline
  • Track panel from Walt’s Carolwood Pacific Railroad which looped around his estate in Holmby Hills
Midget Autopia Car
This is an actual Midget Autopia car from Disneyland. The entire attraction was removed from the park and donated by Walt & Roy O. Disney to the town of Marceline for use at the Walt Disney Park. The headlights were parking lights from a 1956 Pontiac. The hood ornaments came from a 1957 Chevy. These Midget Autopia cars were built by the Arrow Company. The Tail lights were the same as K. D. clearance. Featured ribbed rubber carpet.
1955 RCA Victor Console Television
This 1955 RCA Victor console television was paid for by Walt Disney as a gift to the family in Portland, Oregon. Walt’s sister Ruth just couldn’t handle the travel from Missouri to Anaheim (or crowds) for the opening day festivities of Disneyland. So Walt paid for this beautiful television so the family could watch the ceremonies on live TV from Portland.
All Aboard Mickey
This Mickey was designed by Ollie Johnston, one of Walt Disney’s animation artists known as the ‘nine old men’. This was designed to celebrate Mickey’s 75th Birthday in 2003 and it toured the USA for a year before being auctioned for charity.