Walt’s Dreaming Tree and Barn

Walt’s Tree

The Dreaming TreeThis large cottonwood tree still stands where Walt Disney and his sister Ruth played and waded in the spring that runs at its base. Daydreaming under the giant cottonwood, young Walt would observe the whole of nature surrounding him – the bugs, animals, birds and sounds of the wind. He later called these adventures “belly botany,” and drew from these childhood memories in his “Mickey Mouse” and “Silly Symphony” cartoons.

Walt's Dreaming Tree - 2015He apparently never outgrew his need for inspiration from his favorite private spot. On his trips back to Marceline, he always put aside time for reflection beneath it, spending hours alone with his thoughts, back under his dreaming tree.

This tree is registered as a historic tree by American Forests.

In 2003 one of Walt Disney’s grandsons and three Walt Disney World Ambassadors planted a sapling grown from a seed harvested from The Dreaming Tree. The ‘Son of Dreaming Tree’ is growing proudly on the Disney Farm.

The Son of Dreaming Tree

This Dreaming Tree Sapling was planted September 2004 by Bradford Disney Lund and Walt Disney World Ambassadors Sara Spike, Juan Aviles and Christopher Stewart who brought Soil from the Magic Kingdom and water from the Rivers of America to be added to the soil on the Disney Farm for the planting ceremony.

Roy, Walt and Walt's Dreaming TreeDSC06448 - Copy

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Walt’s barn

Walt's Barn - Walt Disney Hometown MuseumThe Marceline barn was a labor of love by volunteers and the people of Marceline. It was rebuilt on the Disney Farm during a 3 day barn-raising in 2001.