The Marceline Railroad Story Exhibits

When visiting the Walt Disney Hometown Museum don’t miss the Marceline Railroad Story Exhibits located in the Santa Fe Lunch Room (Beanery).

Exhibits begin with early settlers homesteading in the area called Buck Snort to the arrival of the AT&SF and the founding of Marceline. The story ends with the last BNSF crew change in Marceline. Through eye witness accounts exhibits tell the story of the people of Marceline, the railroad and coal mining.

In the mid 1800’s the Santa Fe Railroad set out to incorporate borders for Marceline to become a town. On March 6th, 1888 an election was held and from those election results the Linn County Court incorporated the City of Marceline. The Santa Fe Railroad Station in Marceline (now the Walt Disney Hometown Museum) celebrated its Centennial year on April 10, 2013.