Meet the volunteers

“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” -Walt Disney

We believe Walt was right. The Walt Disney Hometown Museum is a beautiful homage to the man, but without the hard work and dedication of our volunteers, the Museum would not be what it is today. These wonderful people share the magic of Walt and of Marceline, they fix things around the museum and they assist us with many aspects of running this organization. We’re truly grateful for their passion and willingness to contribute their time and talents.

Here are some of the folks that help make our dream a reality…

Mary Catherine LichtenbergMary Catherine Lichtenberg

Mary Catherine is a life long resident of Marceline and she loves our little town. She enjoys volunteering at the Walt Disney Hometown Museum and greeting the visitors. She has three children and 6 grandchildren who keep her busy. She enjoys spending time with them, walking and reading.

Barbie BoydBarbie Boyd

Barbie moved to Marceline in 1984 ago with her husband Bob. She loves antiques and making steam punk jewelry. The people that come to the Museum from all over the world make time spent volunteering enjoyable.

Beverly KlumbBeverly Klumb

Beverly is a Marceline native and a museum volunteer since 2003. Her children still reside in Marceline with their families. She enjoys meeting and visiting with Museum visitors from all over the world.

Deanna LisacDeanna Lisac

Deanna was brought on as a volunteer by Beverly Kauzlarich Klumb. Beverly and Inez were her instructors! She enjoys working with her friends and giving the tours. It is enjoyable meeting the tourists and talking with them. Her father, Raymond Huff of Brookfield, MO, helped build the Walt Disney Elementary School here in Marceline and enjoyed meeting Walt Disney.

Brenda LainBrenda Lain

Brenda began volunteering at the Museum in 2012 and it has opened up a whole new world for her. She went from working with elementary students to interacting with people from all over the world. In 2015 she and her husband will have been married for 50 years and they have lived in Marceline most of that time. They raised 2 daughters here, have 7 grandchildren and 1 great granddaughter. What a magical place to have children grow up in!

Edna ShoemakerEdna Shoemaker

Edna is a retired teacher and volunteer at the museum since 2010. At least twice a year  she and her family spend time at Disney World staying with family in Celebration, FL – the other Disney town. She met Walt in 1956 and 1960 in Marceline. Her memories of him were from “The magical memory” of a child!

Susie Smith-PattenSusie Smith-Patten

Susie loves to talk, so she fits in well at the museum. She always loves to tell a good story and thinks Walt is the best! She also loves wine, her Weber grill and flowers!

Gloria CagleGloria Cagle

Gloria has lived in Marceline all of her life and has lots of memories. One of the best memories is when Walt came back in 1956 to dedicate the swimming pool. She was one of the contestants in the beauty contest at the pool dedication. Her two older sons rode the Midget Autopia cars that Walt gave the city. All three of her sons went to Walt Disney Elementary School.

Linda MunsonLinda Munson

Linda began volunteering at the Museum in 2015, but she grew up in this area and was so excited to move back to Marceline and be a part of such a wonderful museum with so many great people. She always looks forward to meeting the many people who are as excited about Walt Disney and his stories as she is!

Neta GlahnNeta Glahn

Net and her family moved to Marceline in 1977. She has volunteered at the museum since about 2005. She enjoys meeting the people who come to the Museum and says they are fun to talk to, and that they all learn from one another. In her spare time she enjoys following her grandchildren’s activities, watching sports and TV and flower gardening.

Sharon ErvieSharon Ervie

Sharon has volunteered at the Museum since 2010. She’s an avid reader, especially of murder mysteries. She has 3 children and 5 grandchildren and has been married to her best friend since 1960. She says it’s been very enjoyable meeting guests who tour the museum from all over the United States and the world. The nicest people pass thru our doors.

Kathy StarkKathy Stark

Kathy came here from Chicago just like Walt! Marceline is Walt’s hometown and has been hers since the early 1970s when she and her husband Paul moved here. Their children attended Walt Disney Elementary School and they loved sharing the the Walt Disney story with visiting family and friends. The best part of working at the Museum for her is meeting all the friendly people from all over the world.

Ellen BeaverEllen Beaver

Ellen and her family moved to Marceline in 1960 and raised their family here. She worked as a beauty operator for 45 years and during those years fixed Fleeta Rogers hair, who was a girlfriend of Walt’s brother Roy Disney.
They love Marceline and would not want to live anywhere else. Her hobbies are quilting and handiwork. She loves to entertain. Her favorite thing to do is visit with grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great great grandchildren.

Mary Beth SwitzerMary Beth Switzer

As a little girl, Mary Beth’s first Disney memory was when her mother took her to Walt Disney Elementary for a sugar cube polio vaccination. Coming from a neighboring community, it was then that she saw for the first time the colorful Disney character wall murals commissioned by Walt. Little did she know she would later enjoy those same murals for 30 years until her retirement as a teacher from Walt Disney Elementary. How lucky is that?

Morgan StoltenbergMorganne Stoltenberg

Morganne is a sophomore at Marceline High School (as of 2015). This will be her second year living in Marceline and her second year volunteering at the museum. She likes to dance and work.

Cheryl CavanahCheryl Cavanah

Cheryl is a retired secondary education teacher, an avid sports fan, she lives in Albert Zurcher’s daughter’s home (very close to Walt’s barn) and brought a school bus of students to Stamp Day Dedication (from Princeton, MO) for festivities in 1968!

Mary Ellen CrippinMary Ellen Crippin

Mary Ellen and her husband Richard moved back home to Marceline from Bolivar, Missouri just in time for the opening of the Museum and 100th birthday of Walt Disney! She enjoys meeting and visiting with all the guests.

Carol KlingsmithCarol Klingsmith

Marceline has been her home since 1972 where she lives with her husband Ron. Essential oils, natural healing, dance and family are her passions. She loves working at the Walt Disney Hometown Museum. It has been her privilege to learn more about Walt the man, his family, and the magic town that shaped his life. The greatest part is getting to share the information with people from all over the planet. She says it is truly the most fun she has had volunteering.

Georgia SmithGeorgia Smith

Georgia has enjoyed being a volunteer at the Walt Disney Hometown Museum for several years. She likes meeting and visiting with all the guests. She was born in Marceline and was a student at Park School – in fact, she’s in the picture of the school on the wall at the first gallery of the Museum! She’s active in the United Missouri Methodist Church and helps serve lunches at the church when tours come to the museum.

She enjoys square and round dancing and doing crafts. Spending time with her family, grandchildren and friends is probably the the thing she looks forward to most.

Dorothy DowningDorothy Downing

Dorothy was born and raised on a farm south of Marceline a long time ago. There have been moves along the way, but all roads lead her back to Marceline – Disney’s Hometown.

Her husband Bob was a long time businessman and very civic minded, having served on the initial committee for both the Disney Museum as well as the Disney swimming pool, thus their introduction to Walt Disney.

She says she is amazed at the interesting visitors from all walks of life that come to the Museum. She calls it an “educational experience” and looks forward to her days at the front desk.

Lois BuckmanLois Buckman

Lois and her family moved to Marceline in August 1960, just in time for their oldest daughter to enroll in first grade at the brand new Walt Disney Elementary School. She was secretary in the office there for four and one half years. She also worked at the Marceline (now Disney) Post Office during the First Day Issue of Walt Disney stamp! She says its is a pleasure to be a part of the Museum as a volunteer and that she likes to meet people and is amazed at the enthusiasm of Walt Disney legacy.

Connie LaneConnie Lane

Connie and her family moved to Marceline in the summer of 1960 right before she entered eighth grade. She loved everything about living in Marceline. She met some of her oldest and dearest friends at the United Methodist Church. One of the friends was Kaye (Johnson) Malins, the Museum Director. They were high school friends, college roommates and one of those forever friends.

She and her family on a farm 20 miles south of Marceline in 1956. They came to the dedication of the Pool and Park Complex that year and watched Walt crown Deanna Kelly ‘Miss Marceline’ from the roof of the swimming pool. Walt honored Marceline by holding the Midwest premiere of The Great Locomotive Chase at the Uptown theatre in Marceline at the same time. It was a huge event with crowds in numbers she doesn’t think Marceline had ever hosted before.

She had just begun her second year at Northeast Missouri State University (now Truman) when the “First Day of Issue” of the Disney stamp ceremonies took place in Marceline on September 11, 1968. She was thrilled when she got the letter that her application to work at the post office in preparation for stamp day was accepted and she could report to work a few weeks prior to stamp day. She had been working in a steaming hot factory wrapping cables with black tape for the summer, so switching her working environment to the cool basement of the United States Post Office in Marceline, working alongside friends was really sweet and a lot of fun.

Both of her children, Tracy and Chad attended Walt Disney Elementary School, which was a wonderful experience for them and they graduated from Marceline High School, just as her mother and she had done many years before.

She moved away from Marceline for several years and returned in 2006. As Dorothy Downing said “all roads lead back to Marceline.” Of course her friend Kaye has been a constant in her life whether she lived here or elsewhere, so when she moved back, she began helping out with things concerning the Walt Disney Hometown Museum. She’s been doing the Facebook page for several years, helping with the website, answering email and doing the bookkeeping with Inez. In early 2015 she began downsizing her duties a bit to just handle bookkeeping duties for a while, but she’s sure she won’t be able to resist a few Facebook entries for old time sake once in a while. She says “It’s been fun.”

Inez JohsonInez Johnson

Inez has been a resident of Marceline since 1948, having moved here as a bride with her husband Rush.

Rush and Inez met Walt and Roy Disney along with their wives Lilly and Edna in 1956 and remained friends for the last 10 years of Walt’s life. Walt had purchased the Disney farm (45 acres) with big plans for his hometown. His early death at the age of 65 prevented this from taking place. Inez says “My time at the museum is a pleasure.”

Kaye Malins​Kaye Malins​

Walt Disney stayed at Kaye’s home in 1956 for the dedication of the Walt Disney Swimming Pool and Park, so Disney has always been a part of her life.

She is a founding board member of the Walt Disney Hometown Museum and has served as Director since the opening in 2001. Giving tours and meeting the museum guests is the thing that she finds most enjoyable.

When her grandson Rush was 3 years old he looked at her and said, “KK, are you a Diz-ah-neey people?” Kaye nodded yes. He responded, “me to!”