Walt Disney Hometown Museum

We’re closed for the season and will re-open on April 1st 2016.

Walt Disney Hometown MuseumWalt Disney first came to Marceline, Missouri by train when he was five years old. When Walt returned to Marceline in 1946 the Santa Fe train depot evoked cherished memories of when he first pulled into the Marceline. As a fitting tribute, the museum that honors him is located inside the very same train depot.

Unique Disney History and Artifacts

The Walt Disney Hometown Museum contains a unique collection of Disney family effects, not able to be viewed anywhere else in the world. Visitors to the museum are treated to interpretive exhibits focusing on the Disney family, Walt’s life in Marceline as well as friends and family who supported him in his creative adventures while growing up.Walt Disney Hometown Museum

Also available at the museum are hundreds of personal letters written between Disney family members, the only park attraction to leave and be operated outside of a Disney park, as well as other artifacts, effects and personal belongings from Disney family members.

The Walt Disney Hometown Museum is a private venture and its mission is to “Ensure that the world never forgets that Walt Disney was a simple farm boy from Marceline who grew up to become the keeper of childhood magic.”


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