Walt Disney Hometown Museum

The museum is open for the 2017 season

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Speaker Series: Kaye Malins

April 22nd 2017

Kaye Malins has shared her unique Disney story to cast members in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, but now it’s time to bring the story home… literally.

Her childhood memories of Marceline lovingly embrace many of the same key elements that forever linked Walt to his boyhood hometown. Kaye met Walt and Roy at the tender age of 8, and her stories trace a relationship with the Disney family that lasts to this day.

There are a precious few people alive today that can still share firsthand memories of personal time spent with Walt. Kaye is lucky to be one of those few. As founder and current executive director of the Walt Disney Hometown Museum, her insight and knowledge will delight Disney fans of all ages.

Speaker Series: Floyd Norman

June 10th 2017

Floyd Norman an artist, an entrepreneur, an activist and a bonafide true to life Disney Legend.

Starting as an assistant to comic book legend Bill Woggon, Floyd eventually found himself working at the Disney Studio on classics films such as Sleeping Beauty, One Hundred and One Dalmatians, The Sword in the Stone and The Jungle Book. Ultimately venturing out on his own under the Vignette Films banner, Floyd soon found himself returning to his animated roots with projects at Hanna-Barbera, Filmation Associates, and an eventual return to Disney and their digital brothers at Pixar.

We invite you to spend a magical evening in Walt Disney’s boyhood hometown of Marceline as Floyd reminisces about his amazing career that, the youthful age of 81, happily seems to have no end in sight.

Visit The Museum

Come and visit the Walt Disney Hometown Museum… we are revealing an entire new floor of space filled with fun and exciting new exhibits and displays.

Walt Disney first came to Marceline, Missouri by train when he was five years old. When Walt returned  in 1946, the Santa Fe train depot evoked cherished memories of when he first pulled into the Marceline. As a fitting tribute, the museum that honors him is located inside the very same train depot.

Unique Disney History and Artifacts

The Walt Disney Hometown Museum contains a unique collection of Disney family effects, not able to be viewed anywhere else in the world. Visitors to the museum are treated to interpretive exhibits focusing on the Disney family, Walt’s life in Marceline as well as friends and family who supported him in his creative adventures while growing up.

Also exhibited at the museum are hundreds of personal letters written between Disney family members, the only park attraction to leave and be operated outside of a Disney park and other artifacts, effects and personal belongings from Disney family members.

The Walt Disney Hometown Museum is a private venture. Our mission:

Ensuring that the world never forgets that Walt Disney was a simple farm boy from Marceline who grew up to become the keeper of childhood magic.